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Two 12×12 Sheets of clear stamps for IOD Chyrsanthemum.  Each element of the set, from the buds to the blossoms to the leaves, can be combined in an infinite number of ways.  This clear stamp set showcases images of chrysanthemums and is designed to complement a wide range of interior design styles. Featuring an abundance of luscious petals and all the stages of growth from bud to blossom, the elements of the IOD Chrysanthemums Stamp can be arranged to create a field of blossoms. It can be easily used with other stamps in this collection, such as the IOD Peonies Stamp to create a mixed bouquet.

The lines and composition of this stamp are specially designed for impression techniques.  This means that the ridges of the design are deeper so you get a crisper two-dimensional image when pressing it into troweled paint, air dry clay, or a joint compound medium.

With every new stamp set, you get a compatible set of washable masks that you can use on project after project.

What are masks? In craft and decor stamping, you use a mask when you want to create layers without disrupting the original stamped image. The mask covers the original image so that no impression is made on top of it when you continue to stamp in that same area. This keeps your stamped designs crisp and clear.

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