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Art Brayer by Iron Orchid Designs


Iron Orchid Designs Art Brayer. 

Dimensions: One single roller, with a 3″ roller 3″ and 6″ frame.

We love our brayer. It has a natural wood handle, a sturdy metal frame, and a solid soft rubber roller make this a fabulous artists tool for when you want a more even load than a foam applicator can give you – and the metal frame is forever imprinted with Iron Orchid Designs!

Use this to apply mediums to your stamps. You can use the brayer to lay down paint or stain on a surface and stamp into it and reverse stamp. It’s the best way to get a smooth even layer of ink, paint, stain, food coloring, etc. on your stamps.

When using our IOD Inks and IOD erasable liquid chalks, it is preferred to avoid waste and gives a perfectly even application to the IOD Decor Stamps.